Editing robots.txt

Editing the robots.txt file is considered a very advanced and sensitive change. The default robots.txt provided by Shopify is already optimal for SEO, and there are very few reasons to change it. Even a minor mistake in the robots.txt file can make your whole store invisible to search engines. Never edit the robots.txt file unless you absolutely know what you are doing. Our support can't be held responsible for any problem caused by an incorrect robots.txt customization.

Search engines, such as Google, constantly crawl the internet in search of new data as a source for their search results. The robots.txt  file tells search engine bots, known as crawlers, which pages to request to view from your online store. All Shopify stores have a default robots.txt  file that's optimal for Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

You can however write your own robots.txt file. By default, Shopify does not create the robots.txt file. Due to its very sensitive nature, merchants who wish to edit the robots.txt file need to explicitly create it. You can find more information about how to create and manage the robots.txt file in Shopify official documentation.