Knowledge base for Maestrooo themes on Shopify

Getting started

About Maestrooo Themes

Overview of Maestrooo themes and common features.

5 articles

Theme basics

Get started with some basic knowledge about themes.

16 articles

Theme configuration

General settings

Setup general settings that apply to every pages of your store

2 articles


Learn more about sections in the header group: Header, Mega Menu, Announcement Bar...

9 articles


Setup features specific to products: color swatches, inventory, size chart, etc...

18 articles


Setup Collections: product listing, manage filtering and sorting, badges, etc...

5 articles


Setup custom pages: FAQ, contact page and landing pages, etc.

4 articles


1 article

Theme specific guides


About Prestige, a minimalistic theme for luxury brands

3 articles


About Impact, a colorful, typography-oriented theme for impactful brands

1 article


About Focal, a bold grid-style theme for stylish brands

1 article


About Warehouse, a large-catalog theme for ambitious brands

1 article

Going further

Advanced guides

Guides for advanced features in themes and Shopify.

6 articles

Technical documentation

Technical documentation: Impact and Prestige

5 articles

Using Apps

Learn more about apps, how they interact with themes and how to solve common issues.

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