Changing fonts and custom fonts

Our themes integrate with Shopify font library, an extensive library of hundreds of fonts. Our themes allow you to choose a font for heading and body text.

To change the font, open the theme editor, click on the "Theme settings" icon, and click on the Typography category. Then, you can choose the desired font.


Custom fonts

Themes only integrate with the Shopify font picker. It is not possible to integrate custom fonts without coding. If you wish to add a custom font that is unavailable in Shopify's font picker, you must hire a developer.

Performance concerns

Changing the font can help you to adapt your store to your brand. However, fonts can be slow to load and impact your store's performance. We therefore recommend you to limit the number of different fonts you are using and try to favor system fonts whenever possible. System fonts are fonts already available on every computer. In Shopify font picker, system fonts appear at the top:

For a good balance, we recommend using a system font for the body text (so that the main content appears as fast as possible without having to load a font) and a different font for headings.