Introduction to our technical documentation

This technical documentation only applies to our theme Impact and Prestige v7 (and higher). While we plan to further extend our other themes to share the same technical foundation, if you are using a different theme, please refer to the file "custom.js" inside the Assets folder to access the technical documentation for your theme.

Welcome to the technical documentation for our theme Impact and Prestige v7+. This documentation targets developers, agencies, or people with advanced technical knowledge.

If you wish to alter the code of your theme but do not have technical knowledge, we highly discourage you from editing it yourself, as we cannot be held responsible for any breakage you may do due to invalid code. We recommend people with no technical knowledge reach a Shopify Expert.

Starting from our theme Impact as well as version 7 of Prestige, all our themes will share a set of common events and components so that you can confidently extend the theme to your needs. This documentation is split into various categories: