Using apps responsibly

Apps allow you to add new features to your store that are impossible otherwise. Apps, while powerful, are often the root cause of performance issues or incompatibilities.

In the Shopify ecosystem, apps are always installed on top of themes. If you are facing an issue with an app or after installing an app, you must reach the app developers directly. Our support does not cover any app problems.

Here are some best practices when it comes to apps:

  • Limit the number of apps you are using. We recommend not using more than ten apps in a single store.
  • Before installing an app, ask yourself if the app is solving an actual problem you are facing. Don't install an app because you think it might be helpful. Instead, install an app to solve a problem or answer a use case often requested by your customers.
  • Avoid apps that ask permission to access your theme code. Apps that directly edit the code are often the source of problems. If you are unsure about it, reach the app developers to ask them about their policy.
  • Check if things can't be achieved with the theme directly. Modern themes offer many features and sections, allowing you to solve many problems without apps. Leveraging theme features will help to improve performance and reduce bugs.