Shopify Inbox - avoiding icon covering content

Shopify Inbox is an app developed by Shopify allowing you to manage customer conversations easily, directly from your Shopify store. Such apps can help to create trust with your customers.

However, Shopify Inbox app developers made the weird decision to think that their widget should appear on top of everything, including essential buttons like the checkout button.

We have notified their developers about this shortcoming of their app. However, you can quickly work around this to ensure that the Shopify Inbox app does not cover important content.

1/ Open the theme editor for the theme exhibiting the issue.

2/ Click on Theme Settings, then click on Custom CSS:

3/ In the Custom CSS box, copy-paste the code below:

#dummy-chat-button-iframe {
  z-index: 2 !important;

If the Custom CSS box already contains some code, add this extra code at the end.