Image size recommendations

High-quality, fast-loading images are essential to build customer trust and increase conversions.

We recommend you use JPG images for fast loading. Avoid GIFs, as GIF-animated images can be slow to load. Also, avoid PNG images unless you need support for transparency, as PNG images can be up to twice bigger than their JPG equivalents.

Theme editor images

When you upload an image directly in the theme editor, you will find the recommended size below the image picker. For instance:

Those sizes are recommendations; you can use a different ratio if it makes more sense for your brand. However, following our recommended sizes is typically a great starting point.

Product images

Regarding product images, you should first decide which ratio works best for your kind of product.

For instance, portrait images work well for elongated products such as dresses, while electronic products work best with square photos.

We recommend trying various ratios and deciding which works best for you.

Regarding sizes, here are some recommendations that usually provide a good starting point:

  • Square images: 2400 x 2400px, in JPG format.
  • Portrait images: 1800 x 2400px, in JPG format.

Once you have decided on a ratio and size, try to use the same size for each product image across your store. Having consistent image sizes will help to show a homogenous product listing.

Collection images

A collection image is usually used on collection pages as a horizontal banner. Learn more about updating a collection image on Shopify documentation.

We recommend a size of 2400 x 900px in JPG format.

Blog post images

A blog post image is used on the home page when featuring a blog and in a blog listing. Learn more about updating a blog post image on Shopify documentation.

We recommend a size of 2400 x 1200px in JPG format.

Image crop

Some sections (especially on older versions of Prestige) show images inside a fixed-height block. This means that the theme may cut images automatically to fit into the allocated space. If you want to minimize image crop, we recommend you upgrade to Prestige version 7 or higher, where image crop has been removed from most sections. Learn more about upgrading.