Fixing Google microdata schema errors

All our themes natively support micro-data schema, which search engines like Google use to understand your page content better.

Unfortunately, occasionally, Google adds new required fields or, even worse, makes some values previously considered valid invalid. Google tends to introduce such breaking changes quite regularly, which makes it very hard for us as once you install the theme, we need access to it.

Please note that the microdata specification of Google is extensive. The theme cannot fill some fields because the information is unavailable in the system.

Those instructions will guide you on how you can update the micro-data schema yourself to fix the issue. We will update this file regularly to ensure you have the latest data.

1/ Open the theme editor and, in the theme list, click on Edit code:

2/ Type microdata in the filter bar and click on microdata-schema.liquid file:

3/ Click on this link and replace the content in your theme with the code in the link.

4/ Save the code.

After updating the schema, it can take up to 2 weeks for search engines to re-index your content.


  • Are warnings impacting my SEO? Google might inform you of a warning in your Merchant center. Warnings are not causing any SEO issues. Warnings are typically caused by information that cannot be inferred directly from the theme.
  • Are errors impacting my SEO? Errors, on the other end, can negatively affect your SEO. Our themes are optimized to avoid schema errors. Those errors are often caused by apps or incorrect code changes. If you are facing errors, you can reach our support to help you find the root cause.