COLLECTION - Displaying custom label

By default, our themes will display the following labels on collection and product pages: "on sale" and "sold out".

You may want to display additional, custom label per product basis. For instance, you may want to add some catchy labels such as "Best Price". Hopefully, this is very simple to do with our themes.


Open the product in Shopify admin for which you'd like to add a custom label.


On the bottom right, you should find the "Tags" box:

Add a tag using this format  __label:Your Label

For instance, if you want to add the "New" label for a given product, just add this label: __label:New

Tag must start with TWO consecutive underscores. If you add only one, it won't work. Please note as well that the theme will automatically remove all the tags that starts by two underscore and will not display them in the list of tags for filtering.

On Warehouse and Focal themes only, you can add up to two custom labels. To add a second label, simply use __label2:LABEL in addition.