Products filtering

Filtering is the action of reducing the number of results based on some conditions. Here are some filters often found in e-commerce stores:

  • Price filtering
  • Color filtering
  • Vendor filtering
  • ...

Managing filters

In Shopify, filters are not directly configured in the theme but in the free Shopify Search & Discovery app. This app should automatically be installed on any Shopify store. If this is not the case, you can install the app manually by clicking here.

Once the app is installed, filters can be added, removed, or re-ordered. Any filters you configure in the app are automatically reflected in the theme. Learn more about how to manage filters.

Creating color swatch filtering

Before enabling color swatch filtering, you must configure your color swatch globally. Learn more about how to configure color swatches.

1/ Once color swatches have been configured, open the theme editor, and navigate to the Collection section:

2/ Click on the "Collection page" section:

4/ Turn on the "Show filter color swatch" setting:

Translating filters

If your store is available in multiple languages, filters can be translated in a compatible translation app, such as Shopify's Translate & Adapt app. For more information, please reach the app developers directly.

Tags can't be translated. If you are leveraging filtering by tags, you won't be able to localize them, and we recommend you migrate to the new filtering system of Shopify.


  • Price filtering is not visible when I change currency: Shopify only supports filtering by price for the store's primary currency. This is a platform limitation, not a theme limitation. We recommend you to reach Shopify support to let them know about your use case, so that they can prioritize this in future developments.
  • Filters are not visible even though enabled: Shopify only supports filtering for collections with less than 5000 products. For collections with more products, Shopify automatically hides filtering for performance reasons. The only workaround is to split your collections into smaller, more focused collections. We recommend contacting Shopify support if you have a valid use case for collections larger than 5000 products. This will help them to prioritize future developments.
  • Can I filter by tag? On Online Store 2.0 themes, Shopify introduced a new filtering system that no longer relies on tags. Tags should be avoided for filtering purposes, as they come with significant limitations (such as needing to be translatable or grouped by category). If you want to filter by tag, you can manually add tag filtering in Search & Discovery app.
  • Can filters be translated? Yes, all filters can be translated with a compatible translation app, such as Shopify's free Translate & Adapt app. The only exception is tags, which cannot be translated.