Custom badges

These instructions only work for Impact and Prestige version 7 and higher. If you use an older theme version we recommend updating.

With metafields, you can display custom badges on collections or product pages such as New, Coming Soon, or BFCM. Those custom badges can be displayed in addition to built-in ones like "On sale" or "Sold out."

1/ To add custom badges, open the metafields section in Shopify admin or click this link.

2/ Click on "Products" to add a new product metafield definition:

3/ Click on "Add definition." For the "Name," enter "Badges," and make sure that the "Namespace and key" is set to custom.badges (this is important). For the metafield type, select "Single-line text" and select "List of values" (which allows you to enter more than one custom badge per product). When creating a metafield, you can optionally restrict the choices. This can be useful to ensure that your team can only select badges whose text has been approved by the store owner.

Once configured, it should look like that:

4/ Click on "Save" to create the definition.

5/ Once the metafield definition has been created, open the product you want to add a custom label to in Shopify admin panel. Scroll down to the bottom until the "Metafields" section, and add custom metafields to show: