List of collections page template

By default, Shopify only allows to have one page to display your store collections (you cannot create different "collections of collection", as you can do with product). However our themes come with a built-in solution through a dedicated page template.

Open the theme editor and, in the page selector at the top, click on "Pages":

Then click on "Create template" at the bottom:

In the name, enter an arbitrary name for your template (like "Men collections", "Women collections"...), and in the "Based on" selector, choose "list-collections" or "collections" (the name depends on the theme you are using, but it should be one of those two):


Make sure that the name matches your template name and, in the "Collection list" section, click on "Add collection" and select the collections you want to show:

Shopify only allows you to add up to 16 blocks. This is a limitation of Shopify theme editor to preserve good performance for the system. If you need more collections you will need to split your collections into several pages.


Once you have configured your template, you will need to assign it to a page. To do that, open the "Pages" section of your Shopify admin:

Create a new page and, in the "Templates" box on the bottom right, select the template you have just created:

The alternate templates are contextual to the published theme. This means that if the theme is not your active one, you won't be able to connect the template to the page until you have published the theme.

If you want to create more than one page, simply repeat all the steps (by creating a new template, selecting the collections and assigning it to a page).