Configuring search

Our themes offer powerful search functionalities powered by Shopify's search functionality. There are two kinds of search:

  • Predictive search: this appears in the header and shows suggested results as you type. It helps your customers refine their search without being redirected to a search results page and quickly explore your store by seeing top results for suggested search terms, products, collections, and more.
  • Search page: if customers click a view more button in the predictive search, they are redirected to a dedicated search page. Search pages work like collections, and your customers can refine the search by using filtering.

Predictive search is currently only supported in some languages. You can find a list of supported languages in Shopify documentation. Specifically, most Asian languages, such as Japanese or Korean, do not currently support predictive search. If you wish to have support for your language, we recommend you reach Shopify support.

Using Search & Discovery app

The search experience is not configured on the theme, but in the Search & Discovery app (a free app developed by Shopify). This app is installed by default on new stores, but if you do not have it, you can download it here.

Among others, Search & Discovery app allows you to:

  • Configure filters on search and collections pages.
  • Configure how sold-out products appear in your search results.
  • Add synonyms to take into account typography and spelling mistakes.
  • Add boosts so that some products appear higher in your search.

For more information on using the Search & Discovery app, please refer to Shopify documentation. If you have any questions related to the search, please reach out to Shopify support directly.