Prestige demo store reference

Our demo stores are built entirely using the theme sections, without any apps, and can be used as a reference to see what the theme is capable of.

While we encourage you to experiment directly in the theme editor and build a unique store, we have included the sections we have used to build the home page of our demos below.

Allure demo

Header group

In the header group, we decided to use a countdown timer at the top, which replaces the more traditional announcement bar that we turned off. The countdown timer is a great way to create urgency to feature a temporary sale or the release of a new product...

Template sections

In this demo, we focused on a lot of media-oriented sections. The two consecutive "Scrolling content" sections help to create a visual break in the page.

Footer group

The footer group helps add sections that are visible on every page. This simplifies maintenance as you only need to edit the content once to reflect it everywhere.

We used the multi-column section to simulate an Instagram feed, while the section "Text with icons" allowed us to display some trust information.

Couture demo

Template sections

Our Couture demo contains the following sections: