Variant image for color options

Our themes allow you to display variant images for color options:

To be able to use this feature, you need to:

  • Ensure your option name is Color (or the equivalent word if your store is in a different language). If you wish to use a different word (such as Material or Finish), follow those steps.
  • Ensure that all the product's variants have an associated variant image. This feature won't work if at least one variant does not have an associated image. Learn more about adding images to variants.

Once you are fulfilling those two conditions:

1/ Open the theme editor.

2/ In the page selector, click on "Product" > "Default template":

3/ Click on the "Product page" section:

4/ Select the "Variant picker" block:

5/ Then, for the "Show variant image for options" setting, enter a list of comma-separated option names for which the theme should display the option by using the variant image: