Creating a FAQ page

The theme comes pre-created with an existing FAQ page template. This section will guide you through the different ways to show a FAQ on your store.

Creating a dedicated FAQ page

To create a dedicated FAQ page, follow the steps below:

1/ Open the theme editor.

2/ In the page selector, click on "Pages" and select faq template:

3/ Manage the content you want to show on your FAQ by adding, removing, or re-ordering blocks in the FAQ section that has been pre-added to the page:

4/ Assign this template to a new or existing web page to make it visible on your store. To do that, navigate to the Pages section in Shopify admin:

5/ Select the page you want to transform as a FAQ (or create a new page). In the "Online Store" box at the bottom right, select "faq" for the theme template:

Alternate templates are contextual to the published theme. If you do not see the FAQ template in the list, you must wait until you publish the theme.

Creating more than one dedicated FAQ pages

You may want to have several FAQ pages whose content is different. If you assign multiple pages to the same FAQ template, the content will be shared.

To have a unique FAQ whose content is different, you will need to duplicate a template in the theme editor by making sure to select "faq" in the "Based on" setting:

This will create a new FAQ template whose content can be edited without impacting the original FAQ template. From there, you will need to create a new web page, but assign it this time to the new "faq-2" template created earlier.

Adding a FAQ section to an existing page

Another common use case is to show a FAQ section on an existing page, such as the home page, product page, or collection page.

To do that, navigate to the page you want to add the section, click on "Add section" button and select the section "FAQ". Learn more about managing sections.