Creating a contact page

The theme comes pre-created with an existing contact form page template. This section will guide you through the different ways to show a contact form on your store.

Creating a dedicated contact page

To create a dedicated contact page, follow the steps below:

1/ Assign the "contact" template to a new or existing web page to make it visible on your store. To do that, navigate to the Pages section in Shopify admin:

5/ Select the page you want to transform as a contact form (or create a new page). In the "Online Store" box at the bottom right, select "contact" for the theme template:

Alternate templates are contextual to the published theme. If you do not see the contact page template in the list, you must wait until you publish the theme.

Adding a contact form to an existing page

Another common use case is to show a contact form on an existing page, such as the product page. This can be used to help your customers to reach you more easily.

To do that, navigate to the page you want to add the section, click on "Add section" button, and select the section "Contact form". Learn more about managing sections.