Understanding sections and blocks

Sections and blocks are the basic elements provided to you by the theme that you need to use to build your store.

Adding sections

A section is one "main element" inside a page. You can add up to 25 sections per page (this is a platform limit that cannot be increased).

To add a new section, open the theme editor, and click on the "Add section" button:

Re-ordering a section

To re-order a section, click on the six dots icon next to the section name and, while holding the click, move the section to the desired position:

Deleting a section

To delete a section, select the section and click on the "Remove section" button:

Once a section has been deleted, it cannot be recovered. You will need to re-create it. If you want to hide it temporarily, click on the eye icon next to the section name.

Managing blocks

Some sections also support blocks. Blocks act as a repeater for multiple fields. For instance, a slideshow section can have multiple slides. Each slide is implemented as a block.

To add a block, first, add a section supporting blocks, and click on "Add block":

Similarly to sections, blocks can be added, re-ordered, or removed.

Some sections enforce a maximum number of blocks. For instance, a slideshow section won't let you add more than six slides. This is done for several reasons:

  • Performance reason: having too many blocks can cause performance issues.
  • User experience reason: if you use a slideshow section, ten slides won't be useful. No customers will wait long enough to watch the 9th or 10th slide. We are therefore adding limits to ensure you are maximizing conversions.