Changing default theme content

Our themes are pre-translated into more than 20 languages. However, you may want to adjust some pre-defined wordings to match your brand's tone better.

To do that, in the theme list, for the theme you wish to edit, click on the three dots "More actions" button, and select "Edit default theme content":

You will see each wording pre-defined by the theme. To edit an existing sentence/wording, type the first few letters in the "Filters" box and change the text to your desired one:

The default theme content only changes your store's primary language. If your store is translated into multiple languages and you wish to change the wording of the non-primary language, you need to use a translation app, such as the free Translate & Adapt app. For more information on how to translate your store, please get in touch with the translation app developers you are using.