Editing your theme

To customize your theme, you need to use the Shopify theme editor. The theme editor is a visual editor allowing you to manage content without any code by adding, re-ordering, or removing sections and blocks. You can find exhaustive documentation about the theme editor in Shopify documentation. However, if you are new to Shopify, the "Getting Started" category will guide you through the basics of theme editor.

Opening the theme editor

To open the theme editor:

1/ Go to the Shopify admin panel.

2/ Click on "Themes":

3/ For the theme you want to edit, click on the "Customize" button to open the theme editor:

The theme that appears bigger is called the published theme. This is the one that your visitors will see when going to your website.

The themes in the "Theme library" are called unpublished themes and are only visible to you. Editing an unpublished theme can be useful if you want to preview some changes without making them visible to your customers.