Theme licensing and transfers

As per Shopify Terms of Service ( - article 9.4 -), you must own a valid license to use our theme on your store. The only way to get a license is to purchase the theme from the official Shopify Theme Store.

A theme license can only be used on one single store. This means that if you have purchased the theme for the store, you are only allowed to use it on this store. Using the theme on a different store is only allowed after a license transfer.

Please note, Maestrooo does not have any ability to provide refunds, discounts or bulk theme purchases. All theme purchasing and licensing is controlled by Shopify directly.

How to check my license?

If you have bought the theme from the official Shopify Theme Store, then you probably own a valid license. You can reach Shopify support directly to ask them to check your license or reach our support directly.

What to do if my store is unlicensed?

You might be using a store with an invalid license if you have sourced the theme from somewhere other than the Shopify Theme Store.

If you are using an unlicensed theme, you are not eligible for any support or updates. We also reserve the right to report your store to the Shopify legal team and issue a DMCA legal report to shut down your store.

To avoid any business disruption, purchase the theme from the Shopify theme store as soon as possible or completely remove our theme from your store.

Am I allowed to import a theme from a different store?

You can import a theme to another store only if you have purchased the theme from the Shopify Theme Store for this given store.

We are an agency and need a development store

If you are an agency developing a store for a customer, you might want to use a dev store completely isolated from the production store.

As long as the dev store is a development store protected by a password and does not accept real payments, you can export and import the theme for free on this dev store.

Please note the following important points:

  • The theme must be purchased in the production store (not the development store).
  • If you need to reach our support and you mention the development store, make sure to also include as part of your email the URL of the store where the theme has been purchased. This will help our support team to validate the license.

How to transfer a license?

If you wish to transfer your theme from one store to another, you need to reach out to Shopify directly for instructions and requirements.

Transferring a theme license requires completely closing the original store, which might be impossible if you still need to operate this store. Unfortunately, as of today, Shopify does not offer any way to transfer the license without closing the original store.