What is the browser compatibility of themes?

Our themes are compatible with the latest and most modern browsers. As a rule of thumb, we can only guarantee perfect compatibility on the two most recent versions of main browsers (for instance, Safari iOS 15 and 14, Chrome 96 and 95...). For each browser version, only the latest minor version is supported (for instance, support on iOS14 is limited to iOS 14.8, and so on...).

Our themes no longer support Internet Explorer 11, as per Shopify requirement (Microsoft no longer supports Internet Explorer 11, it is, therefore, a dangerous browser to use as it no longer receives security upgrades; if you are still using this browser, make sure to upgrade as soon as possible).

If you want to encourage your customers to use an outdated version to upgrade, we recommend using this nice little app called Old Browser Blocker (https://apps.shopify.com/old-browser-blocker). Customers visiting your website on outdated browsers will be prompted to upgrade to a safe-to-use browser.