HEADER - How to enable transparent header

Those instructions currently only apply to our theme Impact.

Starting from our theme Impact, you can now enable a transparent header per page to create an interesting visual effect and a more immersive experience for your customer. A transparent header allows the first section (for instance, a slideshow) to blend below your header instead of being separate.

To enable a transparent header, please follow the steps:

In the theme editor, click on the "Header" section:

Scroll through the settings until the "Transparent header" section. You can control how the header will look when it becomes transparent. We recommend you use a text color and logo image that remains visible when read on top of your images (usually, white text with a white logo works well):

Then, you will need to add a compatible section as the first section in your list that allows being used as a transparent header section. Not all sections can be used like this, but image sections like slideshow or image with text overlay are good candidates for a transparent header.
For instance, click "Add section" and select a "Slideshow" section. Move it to the first position. Finally, turn on the "Allow transparent header" setting for the section (if the section is not the first one, then this setting will not have any: