How to use MP4 for video sections

This feature is currently restricted to our themes Impact and Focal only.

Our theme Impact allows you to add video in various sections, such as the "Video" or "Media grid" sections. Our themes support third-party video services (YouTube and Vimeo) and allow you to embed your own MP4 video.

Using MP4 videos allows a brand-free experience, as well as improves performance.

To use MP4 videos, follow those steps:

Open the Files page in your Shopify admin by clicking here
Click on the "Upload" file button, and select your video. Wait until Shopify has fully uploaded the video.
Once your video has uploaded, click on the "Copy link" icon (it looks like an anchor). This will paste the video URL to your clipboard.

You will now need to add a section supporting video to your store. To do that, open the theme editor, click on "Add section" and select the section called "Video". Finally, paste the video URL for the setting named "MP4 video URL":

For performance reasons, we recommend you to use short videos (less than 30 seconds) and limit the size of the video to 5Mb at max. This will ensure a fast loading even on slower networks like 4G.