Improving iOS15 compatibility

In September 2021, Apple has released iOS15, its most recent version of their mobile operating system. Unfortunately, this version introduces some changes that are causing some suboptimal experiences. We have notified Apple about that and we hope they will fix this in a future release.

In the interim, we have tried to find workarounds to fix the issue.

IMPORTANT, PLEASE READ THIS BEFORE: make sure that you apply those fixes only if you are impacted. Later versions are already patched, so you should not apply those fixes. To know more about which version of the theme you are using, please click here to see the instructions. If you are using Warehouse 2.3.3 (or newer) or Prestige 5.3.3 (or newer) you do not need to do anything as your version is already fixed.

Prestige 5.3.2 (or lower)

In your Shopify admin, open the list of themes, click on "Actions" then "Edit code":

On the left, open the "Assets" folder and click on the file called "custom.js" (the number of files may differ from what is shown below, but you should find the "custom.js" file):

Click here, copy the whole content and paste it at the end of the "custom.js" file. It should look like this:

Finally, click on the "Save" button to save the change:

Warehouse 2.3.2 (or lower)

Unfortunately, Warehouse cannot be patched easily and requires changes to be done into the code. If you are being impacted, you can reach us at support directly. Please note that due to a high influx of messages, it may take up to 72h for us to be able to apply the changes.