Fixing Google Schema errors

All our themes natively support micro-data schema, which are used by search engines like Google to better understand your page content. Unfortunately, from time to time, Google adds new requires fields or, even worse, make some values that were previously considered valid as invalid. Google has a tendency of introducing such breaking changes quite regularly, which makes it very hard for us as once you install the theme, we don't have access to it.

Please note that the microdata specification of Google is extremely wide. Some fields cannot be filled in Shopify because the information is not present in the system. This is especially true for fields like "reviews", we are not directly accessible in Liquid (the programming language of Shopify). While we try to fill as much info as possible, please understand that some fields may still be marked as "warning" by Google.

Those instructions will guide you on how you can update the micro-data schema yourself to fix the issue. We will update this file regularly to make sure you can have the latest data.

In the theme list, click on the "Actions" button for the theme for which you want to upgrade the micro-data, and select "Edit code":

In the list of files, open the folder called "Snippets", locate "microdata-schema.liquid" and click on it to open it:

The files or their names may not matched what you can see in the above screenshot. Depending on the theme you are using and the app you have installed you may have different files. The most important is just to locate the one called microdata-schema.liquid

Click on this link to open the file that contains the latest code. Select all the content and copy it, then paste it into the microdata-schema.liquid to replace the whole content (make sure that none of the previous content remains).
Finally, click on the "Save" button to save the new content:

After applying this change, please note that Google may take a few days for re-indexing your content and reflect the new schema.