CONTENT - Creating a team page

This article only applies to the theme Warehouse.

Warehouse comes with a beautiful team page, that you can use to present your team, your suppliers... your imagination is the only limit! Follow the steps below to create your own team page:


Open the "Pages" section in your Shopify admin:


Create a new page, and in the "Templates" card on the bottom right, choose the alternate template called "":

You will need to make sure that Warehouse is the published theme before you can select the "" template. If Warehouse is not the published theme, you will need to wait to publish it before you can work on this page.


Open the theme editor and, in the page selector at the top, select the page you have created (in our case, we called it "Team"):


Select the "Team" section:


You can now configure this page by clicking on "Add content" and choosing the appropriate type of content based on the layout you want to create for the page:

You can only have up to one team page per store.