How to setup group filtering?

This is currently only supported in our themes Prestige and Warehouse.

Shopify only supports filtering by tag, which can feel a bit limited for more complex use cases. However, our themes Prestige and Warehouse take product tags to the next level by allowing you to create group of tags, as shown below:

This feature is, however, disabled by default. To enable it, please follow those instructions:


Open the theme editor and, in the page selector at the top, choose "Collection pages":


Once the page has reloaded, click on the section called "Collection page":


Select "By group" for the "Mode" setting. You can also enable the "Show filter color swatch" to turn your color tag into a color swatch.


Finally, you will need to make sure to update all your product tags to make sure they are following the correct naming convention. This naming convention is explained in greater details in the official Shopify documentation here: