My Instagram feed stopped working!

All our themes allow you to display images coming from your Instagram feed. In order to pull those images, we need an access token.

Unfortunately, it appears that sometimes Instagram decide to revoke an access token, hence making it unusable (and as a consequence we are not allowed to display the images anymore). The reason why Instagram would do that are quite obscure but, from what we know, it seems that if Instagram may think your account has been compromised, they can in some circumstances invalidate the token. This can be for instance if your Instagram account tried to be hacked, or if you logged on your Instagram account from an unusual place (another country...) which alerted some automatic algorithms.

Most of the time you do not have to worry. The fix to this issue is hopefully quite simple: just re-generate a new token from our website, set it to the theme settings, and save. Everything should be back to normal!