Focal theme changelog

This page keeps track of all changes that happened in the theme so far. Please note that, per our update policy, we can manually apply a bug fix to your theme (just contact us). However, for new features that may be added over time, we usually do not add those to older themes (this takes a lot of time and is error prone). If some new features are absolutely vital for you, the simplest way is to perform a complete upgrade.  Click here to learn more about how to upgrade a theme.

  • TBD - 5.2.0: add support for the new nested menu feature of Shopify
  • 25th July 2017 - 5.1.0: use the new "range" setting in various places of the theme, for easier editing.
  • 5th July 2017 - 5.0.15: fix an issue where the terms and conditions page on cart page was not properly extracted.
  • 27th June 2017 - 5.0.14: fix an issue with the top bar when no text is specified on the left.
  • 9th May 2017 - 5.0.13: fix a bug in activate account template where hitting Enter button would decline the invite by default instead of accepting it.
  • 5th May 2017 - 5.0.12: fix a wrong name for a typography.
  • 7th April 2017 - 5.0.11: fix a potential issue that could lead in very rare circumstances the deletion of home page sections.
  • 4th April 2017 - 5.0.10: allow support for Vimeo videos on homepage section.
  • 23rd March 2017 - 5.0.9: fix an issue when sorting vendor collection if the vendor name contained a "&" character.
  • 3rd January 2017 - 5.0.8: fix a bug when infinite scrolling is used on collection pages that have a description.
  • 30th January 2017 - 5.0.7: fix a bug in the "page.collections" template where an incorrect collection image size was used.
  • 28th January 2017 - 5.0.6: fix a bug where the logo could appear stretched on mobile.
  • 21st January 2017 - 5.0.5: fix a bug where the currency conversion did not properly convert prices on product pages for products with multiple variants.
  • 3rd January 2017 - 5.0.4: fix an alignment issue when the PayPal alternate button is set up in the cart page.
  • 20th December 2016 - 5.0.3: fix an issue when setting up a link on featured images section with the collage mode would lead images to be slightly misaligned / fix a bug where related products did not always display properly if your collection contains more than 50 products.
  • 15th December 2016 - 5.0.1: when setting up a very dark background (black) with white text, form inputs text color is automatically adjusted to stay readable.
  • 18th November 2016 - 5.0.0: this new version comes with a complete support of sections.