COLLECTION - What is the difference between collage and grid layout?

This article only applies to the theme Kagami.

Our theme Kagami allows you to choose between two different layout mode for collection: the collage and the grid layout mode.

Two layout served a different purposes. The collage mode put emphasizes on your images, and order them automatically in a beautiful image list. On the other hand, the grid mode is more traditional, and displays more information about the product.

The collage mode is especially useful when you have images of different dimensions (some images very wide but not tall, some images very tall but not wide...). This use case is typically bad for traditional grid.

However, the collage mode is a bit less flexible, because it's completely automatic. An algorithm decides for you how images are aligned, and you cannot control exactly how many images to be displayed per row.

Do not hesitate to experiment with those two layouts!