NAVIGATION - Enabling and configuring Kagami mega-menu

This article only applies to the theme Kagami.

Kagami comes with a beautiful, and highly customizable menu bar. In addition to standard dropdown, Kagami allows you to display menus in a much more visual way. Here is an example from our demo store:


First, create a dropdown menu in the Shopify menu section. You can learn more on how to create drop-down menu by following the Shopify official documentation by clicking here.

Here is an example of a menu that mimic our demo store's menu (truncated for simplicity):

For best results, we would recommend a maximum of three columns for a mega-menu.


Next, open the theme editor and click on the "Theme settings" tab, and select the "Navigation" section:


Make sure that the navigation mode is set to "Horizontal" (mega-menu is not available of the sidebar navigation):


Scroll down until the "Horizontal navigation" part. For the "Mega-menu" setting, enter the name of the menu that holds the mega-menu. In our example, the mega-menu is displayed after clicking the item "Store", so we simply need to enter the word Store into this setting, as shown below: