PRODUCT PAGE - Adding a size chart

This article only applies to the theme Focal, Impact and  Prestige.

Focal and Prestige comes with a feature that allows you to add a small link "Size chart" next to any "Size" variant.

IMPORTANT, PLEASE READ THIS BEFORE: for Prestige, the instructions are different based on the version. To know more about which version of the theme you are using, please click here to see the instructions. Then, make sure to select the instructions that apply to your version. Using instructions that do not apply to your version will not work.

I am using...

Prestige v5, Focal v8 or Impact

Open the settings of your Shopify store, and click on the "Metafields" section:

Click on "Products":

In the Name field enter "Size guide", and in the "Select content type" select "Reference":

Then, select the type "Page" and save the metafield to create it:


Now that we have created the metafields, we will need to connect them in the theme editor.

To do that, open the theme editor and choose "Product pages" in the page selector at the top:

Then, click on the "Default product" template:

In the product section, select the "Variant selector" block to reveal the settings:

Then locate the setting called "Size chart", and click on the icon that looks like a pancake to connect the metafield:

In the list of metafields, select the metafield that you have created at step 1:


Now, create a new content page holding the content of your size chart. If you have several size chart (for instance one size chart for bottoms and one for tops), you can create two different content pages. You can learn more about how to create content pages in Shopify here:


Finally, the last step is to connect the page with your products. To do that, open the product for which you want to attach a size chart. To do that, open your product in Shopify admin and scroll to the bottom. A new "Metafields" section should have appeared, with a "Size guide" metafield:

Simply select the size chart you want to use for this product to connect it.

Prestige v1, 2, 3 or 4 ; Focal v7

Adding a size chart is very simple. You simply need to create a page called "Size Chart" (if you name it differently, make sure that the handle is "size-chart"). The theme will do the rest and automatically add a small link next to the option.

In this size chart, you can add your own content, like a table, or a picture.

On those versions, you can only use one size chart that is global to the whole store. You cannot have one different size chart per product. To do that you will need to upgrade to an OS2.0 compatible theme.