PRODUCT - Adding a video in the product page

There are two ways to add a video in a product page.

In product's description

The first way is to add it as part of the product's description. In order to embed a video that is responsive, pleaser refer to the  official Shopify documentation.

In image slideshow

IMPORTANT NOTICE, PLEASE READ CAREFULLY FIRST: Starting from the version 7.5.0 (for Focal theme), version 6.6.0 (for Kagami theme), 3.7.0 (for Trademark theme), 4.6.0 (for Prestige theme) and 1.7.0 (for Warehouse theme), our themes will integrate exclusively with the new media API of Shopify. With this new feature, you will be able to upload videos and 3D models directly as part of the Shopify interface, without having to use the "trick" described below (which remains the only way to use video for older versions). In order to know your theme version, click here for more instructions. If you are using an older version and wish to upgrade to benefit from this new feature, click here for more instructions.

If you are using a new version of our theme that relies on the upcoming media API, please note that for now, you won’t be able to upload any video though. The reason is that Shopify asked theme developers to upgrade their theme to new the media feature, but has not launched yet the visual interface in the Shopify admin to actually let you upload videos. Additionally, we were asked by Shopify to remove the "old alt track" that we used to embed videos, so this one cannot be used.

We were told by Shopify that the new interface to upload videos should be launched very soon ("in a few weeks", without more details). Once it is launched, if you’re using a compatible version of our theme, you will be able to upload the videos and 3D models without having to re-download the theme. We’re sorry about the small window during the time you actually won’t be able to upload videos at all, but we had no other choice to update our theme to this, due to Shopify rules.

The second way is to add it directly in the product's slideshow.

Open the product in the Shopify admin:

Upload a new image in the "Images" section. This image will act as the video thumbnail.

Once uploaded, move your mouse over the image, and click on the small "Alt" icon:

The ALT text you need to enter depends on the provider you want to use. As of today, we only support Vimeo and YouTube.

Open the video of your choice in Vimeo, and click in the small plane icon (if you don't find the icon, this means that the video's author has disabled sharing, and you won't be able to add this video):

The link that you need to copy and set as the ALT text is outlined below in red:

Open the video, and click on the "Share" buttons below the video, then "Embed" tab. The link that you need to copy and set as the ALT text is outlined below in red: