PRODUCT - Adding a video in the product page

Starting from February 2020, Shopify introduced a native way to directly upload videos and 3D models for products. As a consequence, all our themes have been updated to support this new feature. The following versions fully support video and 3D models on product page:

  • Prestige: from version 4.6.0 and newer
  • Warehouse: from version 1.7.0 and newer
  • Focal: from version 7.5.0 and newer
  • Kagami: from version 6.6.0 and newer
  • Trademark: from version 3.7.0 and newer

If you do not know the version you are using for your theme, you can learn more by clicking here. Then, follow the instructions below based on your version:

For users with a compatible version

You can directly take advantage of the new Shopify feature. You can learn more about how to upload media by clicking here.

For users using an older version

If you are using an older version that does not support product media, you have a few options:

  • You can upgrade to the latest version (it's completely free) as instructed here (it is not possible for us at support to add this feature only on an older version).
  • If upgrading is not possible, you can reach a development service such as Enhancify (our recommendation), TaskHusky, Carson or a Shopify Expert. They will be able to write the necessary code to bring support for it on your older version.
  • If none of those options are possible for you, you can also simply add your video as part of your product description, as explained here.