How to create landing pages

IMPORTANT, PLEASE READ THIS BEFORE: creating landing pages requires you to use an Online Store 2.0 compatible theme. For now, only our themes Warehouse (from version 2), Prestige (from version 5) and Focal (from version 8) are supporting this. To know more about which version of the theme you are using, please click here to see the instructions. If you are using an older version, you will first need to upgrade by clicking here.

Themes that use an Online Store 2.0 compatible themes can now add sections on every pages (while it used to be restricted to home page). This open up new possibilities, like creating landing pages. This guide will show you how you can create new landing page.


First of all, open the theme editor and, in the page selector at the top, select "Pages":

Then scroll until the end and click on "Create template":

Enter a name for your landing page, and for the "based on", select "Default":


You will be redirected to the landing page itself. If you do not need the content of the page itself, we recommend that you hide the "Page" default template by clicking on the small eye:

Then, click on "Add section" button and add the sections you would like to appear on your page.


Once you are satisfied by your landing page, you will need to assign it to an actual page to make it accessible to your customers. To do that, open the Shopify admin and select "Pages":

Finally, create a new page. Give it a name and, in the "Theme templates" on the bottom right, select "landing-page-1" (which matches the name of our template):

IMPORTANT PLEASE READ: page templates are contextual to the active theme. This means that if the theme on which you have created the template is not your active theme, you won't see it in the list. You will therefore need to wait until you publish the theme before being able to assign your template to a page.

You will need to repeat all those steps for every new landing page you want to create (creating a new template, setting its content and assigning it to a page).