How to embed an Instagram feed on your store?

As for June 2020, the Instagram platform will deprecate its API, that makes it impossible for a theme to show your Instagram media. This has two consequences:

  • Our themes sold after March 2020 no longer comes with a built-in Instagram section.
  • Themes sold before March 2020 still contains the section, but it will stop working in June 2020.

As an alternative, we have therefore developed a free app called Section Feed (more info by clicking here) that acts as a direct replacement to our old Instagram section. The main benefit of our app is that it has been developed to blend seamlessly within your themes, with a minimal impact of performance. Please follow the instructions below based on your theme.

For users without a built-in Instagram section

If you are using a new version of our theme that does not come with any Instagram section, you can directly install the app by clicking here and be up and running in minutes.

For users using a theme containing a built-in Instagram section

If you are currently using a theme that has a built-in Instagram section, you will first need to remove the existing section. To do that, open the theme editor, select your Instagram section, and click on the "Remove section" button:

Once removed, you can then install our app Section Feed by clicking here.