Getting started with Section Feed

Since the removal, in March 2020, of the ability to pull Instagram images directly from a theme, the Instagram section of all themes had to be removed. Instead, merchants were asked to use an app to continue displaying their Instagram feed. Unfortunately, most of them did not properly visually integrate with themes. We therefore decided to create our own Instagram app that properly blends into existing Shopify themes.

Using Section Feed is extremely easy and only takes a few minutes to master. Please follow the steps outlined below:

Install the app from the App Store by clicking on this link:

Once you have approved the app, open the app, and link your Instagram account by clicking on the "Connect" button:

You will be automatically redirected to Instagram. Make sure to accept linking your Instagram account. Once you have successfully connected your account, your username should show

By giving us access to your Instagram account, we will only be able to read the information (username, image, image description) about your media. Giving us access to your Instagram account will not allow us to post on your behalf, remove/edit picture, add comments...
In the list of themes, select the theme where you would like to embed a feed, and click on "Install on this theme":

After a few seconds, the box will turn green, indicating that the app file has properly been added to your theme:

If, for any reason, the box does not turn green after a few second, please reach us by email.
The feed can now be added into your home page. To do that, you can either click on the button "Add the feed" or navigate to the Theme Editor. Once you are in the theme editor, you can click on "Add section" (it works like any other section):

In the list, choose the section called "Instagram feed" that appears in the "Section Feed" category, and add it to your home page:

If you are using a theme that already came with an Instagram section, you may have two different ones in the list. Make sure to select the one that is in the "Section Feed" category. This is the section that the app has created.
Once added, you will be able to configure the section like any other theme section: