Fixing product image list being hard to scroll on iOS13

The newly released version of iOS13 introduced a break with one of the code we were using to power the various slideshow (such as the list of product images), which resulted in carousel being hard to swipe. The issue is not directly due to the theme, but rather to a breaking change introduced in the underlying system. We have been able to come up with a fix that should solve the issue. You will find below the instructions to apply this yourself.

Make sure that you DO NOT APPLY this change if you are using version 4.4.4 or newer, as it already contains the fix, and you may cause incompatibilities by including it twice. You can learn more about your version by clicking here.

The following instructions should be easy enough for anyone to achieve them, even without any coding knowledge. However, if for any reason you do not feel confident doing it, you can reach us at and we'll apply this fix for you. Please note though that due to a large number of customers that may contact us for this issue, it may takes 2-3 days before being resolved. We would therefore recommend you to try it yourself first.

We would recommend you to first duplicate your theme and apply the changes first on an unpublished version. This way, you can more easily go back if for any reason you applied the fix incorrectly.


In the list of themes in your Shopify store, click on the "More actions" button for the theme you want to fix, and click on Edit code:


In the list of files that appear, scroll down until you find the "Assets" folder, and click on the "custom.js" file. You may have more files than what is showing in the screenshot (for instance, if you have installed apps), but this does not change anything. Just make sure to click on the file called "custom.js":


Click here, select the whole content and copy-paste it at the very bottom of the "custom.js" file. It should look something like this:

Once applied, click on the "Save" button in the top right to save the changes done to the file.

If, for any reason, the previous fix did not solve the issue, please reach us at our support.