CART - Set up a gift wrap product

This article only applies to the theme Warehouse.

Warehouse allows you to set up a specific "gift wrap" product on the dedicated cart page. While it is called "gift wrap", it can actually be used for any "supplemental" product you'd like to offer, like a gift wrap, a totebag, samples...


To do that, you will first need to create a standard product in your Shopify admin. Once the product is created, open the theme editor and choose "Cart" in the page selector:


Then, click on the "Cart page" section:


In the "gift wrap" sub-section, choose your product and optionally configure the wording you want to use:

One drawback of this approach is that the gift wrap product (that is often a free product that should not be purchased separately) will appear in Shopify search results. This may not be desirable. Unfortunately, as of today Shopify does not offer any way to easily exclude a product from the search engine. The only way to do that is by using metafields. While not completely trivial, it can be achieved in a few minutes by installing a specific extension to create a metafield. You will be able to find a step-by-step tutorial on how to do that by clicking here

By default, the theme will show a quantity selector even on the gift wrap product. To prevent the quantity selector to be shown, simply add the special tag __gift (make sure that it starts with two consecutive underscores!) to your product, and then the theme will automatically hide the quantity selector.