NAVIGATION - Filtering search results by product type

This article only applies to the theme Warehouse.

Filtering by product types is only visible on desktop. This feature is not visible on mobile nor tablet.

Warehouse search can be configured to allow your customers to filter product search results by product type:

When enabling this option, there are a few things that are important to remember:

  • In order for this feature to work, you will need to make sure that you have properly set a product type for all your products. You can learn more about product types on Shopify documentation by clicking here.
  • Once enabled, the theme will display all the product types. You cannot exclude a given product type. To exclude a product type, the only way is to remove it from all the products that used to have this product type.
  • Because blog posts and content pages do not have product type, filtering by product type will exclude any blog posts and pages from the search.

To enable the filtering by product type, follow those instructions:


Open the theme editor, and choose the "Header" section:


In the "search" sub-category, turn on the "Show s filter" option: