Warehouse image size recommendations

This article only applies to the theme Warehouse.

Warehouse will work with any image size. However, for best results (both in terms of performance and quality), we recommend the following image dimensions:

  • Blog post featured image: 1650x900, in JPG format.
  • Collection images: 1970x460, in JPG format. The image's point of interest should be in the middle, as this image will be automatically resize. If you are using the dedicated brand collection template (more info here) then the recommended dimension is 580x180, in JPG format.
  • Product image: there is no recommended size, as it all depends on how you'd like to showcase your products. It could be square images, horizontal images or vertical images. The recommendation though is trying to stay consistent, using JPG format, and upload images that are as large as possible to give the theme enough flexibility to choose the correct size based on device. For instance, if you are using squared images, you could upload something like 1800x1800. If you are using vertical images, something like 1200x1700 can work well.