PRODUCT - Show a per-product countdown timer

Warehouse comes out of the box with support for countdown timer, that you can enable to create scarcity to increase the perceived value of your products. However, as most of this data is fake, we would recommend you to use this feature only on a limited feature of products.

By default, you can specify a global timer that will be applied to all your products. This can be useful if you create a temporary flash sale on all your products and want to increase the impact with a countdown timer on all your products.

However, in the case you want to have a specific countdown timer for a given product, you can follow those steps:


Open the product for which you want to add a countdown timer in the Shopify admin.


In the tag section, add a new tag that has the following format: __timer:YYYY-MM-DD, where YYYY must be replaced by the four digits year, MM must be replaced by the month (starting by 1 that is January, and 12 that is December) and DD the number of the day. For instance, if you want to create a countdown timer that ends the December 14th, 2018, you need to enter the following tag: __timer:2018-12-14

Here are several frequently asked questions about this feature:

How can I disable the stock countdown bar?

Simply remove the __timer:YYYY-MM-DD tag from the product, and make sure that the feature is globally disabled in the theme settings.

What happens when the timer reaches 0?

Out of the box, the theme will display "00:00:00" once the date is reached. However, you can customize this behavior to either adds 24 hours automatically, or hiding the countdown timer completely.

Can I specify a different timer per variant?

Unfortunately, Shopify does not currently allow to specify tags per variant. As a consequence, the timer will be the same for all the variants within a product. If you need to have a different value per variant, we recommend you to reach a development service such as  TaskHusky or a Shopify Expert to develop a custom solution.