PRODUCT - Adding an associated product ("buy it with")

Prestige theme comes with a built-in feature that allows you to feature an associated product below the product images:

You can find the instructions on how to do this below:


1) First, you need to find the handle of the product you want to associate. To do that, open the product in Shopify admin, and in the "Search engine listing preview" box at the bottom, locate the handle. The handle is the last part of the URL, after the final slash. In the example below, the handle is le-petit-cartable:


2) Then, open the product in Shopify admin to which you want to add the associated product, and add a tag that follows this convention: __with:handle-of-associated-product (please note that it starts by two consecutive underscores). In our example, the resulting tag would be __with:le-petit-cartable