HOME PAGE - Shop The Look section is displaying incorrect products

This article only applies to the theme Prestige.

Prestige theme offers a special section called "Shop the look". It allows you to create look and position up to three products per look. This is a nice way to showcase your products in real-life situation.

We recommend you to use this section only once on your home page, and limit the number of looks to 3. However, nothing prevent you to include this section more than once. Unfortunately, due to performance reason, Shopify does not allows to display more than 20 products per page.

You can use one section "Shop the look" with 4 looks, each featuring 3 products (4*3 = 12 products, which fit into the limit) without any problem. However if you add the section twice with 4 looks, each featuring 3 products, you will end up with 24 different products, which will cause the issue.

If you are using the "Featured product" section, this will also count as one product.