NAVIGATION - Enabling and configuring Prestige mega-menu

This article only applies to the theme Prestige.

Prestige comes with a highly configurable and beautiful mega-menu feature. In addition to creating different columns, you can also add up to two different images, that can be used to visually showcase important collections or products. Here is an example of how it looks:

Setting such a menu is actually very easy!


First, you will need to define your menu structure by creating drop-down using the native Shopify menu interface. You can learn more on how to create menu and dropdown by  following the official Shopify documentation. In order to properly use mega-menu, you will need to set up a three-levels structure. You can see below an example of how the previous navigation structure looks like in Shopify:

If you were using an older theme, your structure of menus may be different. In the past, creating drop-down menus required to create many menus with matching names. However, our theme Warehouse only support the new way to setup nested menus. You therefore need to make sure that the whole hierarchy of links is completely contained within your main menu.


By default, the theme will display your dropdown menu in a rather traditional way. To transform them into a mega-menu, open the theme editor and and click on the "Header" section:


Scroll to the bottom and click on the "Add mega menu" button:


In the "Mega menu" setting, simply enter the name of the menu item that contains the mega-menu (this means that the name entered in "Menu item" must match the name of one of the first-level items list). For instance, in our example, the mega-menu is contained within the "Shop" link, so we simply need to enter "Shop":

You can optionally upload up to two images for each mega-menu.


Finally, make sure to click on "Save" button in the theme editor.