PRODUCT - Disabling product features

This article only applies to the theme Trademark.

By default, Trademark exhibits a "product features" block on product pages. This section allows you to configure up to 6 product features or even customize them per-product by using our companion app SuperFields.

However, you may want to simply remove them. Doing that is easy.


First, go to the theme editor, and in the top bar, select the "Product pages" into the page selector:


On the editor sidebar, the sections will reload and change to product dedicated sections, as shown below:


Click on the section called "Product features". By default this will display three features that are pre-created for you:


Click on the first one, which will open the block, and click on the button "Delete":


Repeat the process until all three blocks have been deleted.


Save, and your product features will be gone.

If you want to add them back, you will simply need to click on the button "Add feature" again, which will automatically recreate the section.