Trademark image sizes recommendation

This article only applies to the theme Trademark.

You will find below some recommended sizes for different images, as well as general advices for best results. Please note that this is purely informational. You can of course experiment with different image sizes:

  • Slideshow images: if you are using the "dual slideshow" mode, 1300 x 875px, .jpg format ; if you are using the "full screen" mode, 1560 x 1050px, .jpg format.
  • Product images: if your image are rather vertical, 1000 x 1800px in .jpg format ; if your images are rather horizontal, 1400 x 1000px in .jpg format
  • Collection images: 1600 x 1600px in .jpg format. Also, because collection images are also used on home page for the "featured collections" section, we recommend you to keep the interest point of those images around the center of the images for best result. This is because the images can be cropped.
  • Article images: 1125 x 750px in .jpg format.