SuperFields app changelog

February 2017

  • Added support for global metafields: those new metafields allows you to store global variables that are accessible throughout your store. You can store additional information such as a phone number, an address...
  • Added support for custom objects: custom objects are a new, very powerful way to create custom types (like brands, authors, product instructions...) and create relationship between Shopify resources (products, collections, articles...) to those custom objects. For instance, if you are managing a luxury store, you could create a custom type called "Brands", create different objects like "Louis Vuitton", "Gucci" and "Prada", and then assign those objects to your products. If you need to change details about a brand, change it once, and the changes will be propagated everywhere. Learn more about this feature here.

November 2016

  • Official release of the app.