PRODUCT - Adding per-product features

This article only applies to the theme Trademark.

Our theme Trademark allows you to add up to 6 product features for your product pages. They are very useful to display important information about your products in a beautiful way.

However, when specifying features directly in the Theme Settings, those features will be shared for all products. Due to how Shopify editor works, you will have no way to add special features on a per-product basis.

Hopefully, our companion app SuperFields can come to the rescue!


Install our application. You can download it in the App Store by  clicking here. This app is priced $8.90 / month (it has 7 days trial).


From the "Apps" section of your admin, open the SuperFields app. In the "Configure metafields" section, click on "Products":

If this is the first time you are using the app, you will have no groups created. The app will automatically display you the theme integration. Some of our themes provide different integrations, so make sure that you click on the "Product features (Trademark theme)" one:


Click on the "Install" button. It will automatically reload the page and display the configuration. Do not be afraid, it's already over, you can now leave the app!

If you are not seeing this, or if the app says that "Your theme does not have any integration with SuperFields", make sure that our theme is set as the published theme. If it's not the published one, the application won't be able to detect it. If you have verified that the theme is indeed the published one, do not hesitate to contact us and we'll be happy to have a look!


Now that the app is installed and properly configured, we can start some more interesting stuff.

In your Shopify admin, open a product for which you want to add a custom tab. In the product page, click on the "More actions" link, and select "Edit product metafields":


You will be automatically redirected to our application. You can then enter your product features:

Please note that metafields are less flexible than the theme editor. Among other things, you will not be able to re-order the feature. If you want to re-order them, you'll need to copy-paste the content from one feature to another.

Also, make sure that you have checked the "Show" tick.

Once at least one product feature has been enabled in the SuperFields app, the product features set in the theme settings will not be displayed anymore for that given product. You cannot combine global and unique product features.