COLLECTION - Filtering by type or vendor looses the collection's context

Some of our themes (like Kagami) allows you to filter by vendor and type on collection's page, in addition to the traditional tag filtering.

While filter by tag filters the products within the context of the given collection, you may have realized that filtering by type or vendor work differently: it actually looses the context of the given collection.

As a consequence, if you choose a vendor, instead of showing you only the products of this given vendor inside the given collection, it will show you all the products with the given vendor.

Unfortunately, this is a limitation of the Shopify filtering feature and cannot be changed. What happen is that when using those filters, Shopify automatically creates "fake" collections. You do not have any control over those "types" and "vendors" collection as they are generated for you automatically by Shopify. As a consequence you cannot set a description nor modify the product's order.